Life line home hemo

I just like to warn people of this company due to its nature of being a provider of home h.d, I would hate to call state. Most the Doctors have there own clinics and like to keep there patients to see the profit and would love to give home Dialysis a bad name. So In a long story short staff at life line suck the technician that works on machines is so incompitaint of doing his job its a wounder he is potty trained .There are other choices with some of the best care ive seen in this area so go see these others advritized in this web site in that area. go nocturnal!!!


Lifeline (and Life Line) is not listed in Dialysis Facility Compare as a dialysis provider. However, Lifeline is listed on the Medicare website as a supply company in Davie, FL. This means that it must be a Method II supply company. Method II supply companies operate under contract with dialysis providers. Dialysis providers are responsible for the services that Method II supply companies provide.

You previously posted messages on 1/11/07 and 1/16/07 criticizing this company. If you believe this company is unsafe because the technician who works on the home machines is incompetent, you have a responsibility to report it and the clinic that contracts with it to state survey agency and to the ESRD Network. This would be a more effective way of making sure that the company employs qualified and trained (competent) staff than posting 3 messages to Home Dialysis Central. I know nothing about this company. If you feel so strongly about the care the company is delivering yet you’re unwilling to report it even though you say you’re a technician, is it possible you could have another reason for criticizing this company?

This company gets alot of complaints from patients but for the most part they only call network 7. I worked for this company for 1 month and intrusted care to them to also provide us ,being my fiance with dialysis equipment to do NHD. The machine came with blood on it the R.O was on its last leg and they just dumped the machine and supplies to us without even taking samples of the water. Later they asked me to dialize other pts I could not belive that there eqiupment was worse then ours. Alarm tests would fail water leaking r.o TDS of 20.0 and higher reports from another pt from them that came over to the company i work for now said his ran at 50.0 for a whole tx and he became sx. This company operates like a clinic they higher there staff and send them to home to do staff asisted HD. I came from a core of clinics with unbeliveble care in the highest quallity and level of care.
You might of heard of it NORTH WEST KIDNEY you know were the first tx was preformed in the u.s.a. I will be posting as much as i want this is a public site. I would call stae and might still I just affraid of the Doctors in the area telling there patient how bad home hemo is to keep them in center.

In case anyone reads this thread. As of January 1, 2011, there is no longer the option for Method II reimbursement from Medicare. Medicare only reimburses dialysis facilities for home dialysis equipment, supplies, and support from the home training nurse, dietitian, and social worker as well as certain labs and ESRD-related drugs under the ESRD prospective payment system (PPS).