Linking text in messages

In order to link text you have to include html code. By including code you can make any word or phrase a clickable link. For instance Dori Shatell is a link. The hard thing is writing code without making the code work so in my example below substitute [ for ( and ] for )

So paste the url you want the link to take you to:
Then in front of the url type:
no spaces and remember to use the right bracket, and then at the end type:
followed by the text:
(url= School
then close the ‘tag’ with:
so the whole thing is:
(url= School(/url)

And when you use the right brackets you get:

Kidney School

It seems like there is a short cut using alt+w but that does not seem to work on my mac but it may work on a pc if you highlight the url and try alt+w then type the text between the two ‘tags’ If anyone knows the mac shortcut I’d like it

Ohhhhh! I get it, thanks so much! Next, maybe I can figure out the quote thing… :roll:

(You’d think I’d know how to work our own message boards, but I just use 'em, I don’t understand 'em.)

Quote is even easier because once you are logged in just click the “quote” button associated with the message. Then the tags will show up at the start and end of the message. The tags are the key. The first tag starts the command (quote=“Dori Schatell”) remember to use the correct brackets [] ; no extra spaces ; and quote marks where indicated. Every tag is paired and must have a closing tag. For ‘quote’ it is (/quote)

So up above it looks like:
(quote=“Dori Schatell”)… Next, maybe I can figure out the quote thing… (/quote)

You can always create a quote manually by pasting the quote and typing in the opening and closing tags.