List of Dialysis Centers Allowing Solo Home Hemo Dialysis


My current center continues to refuse authorization for me to do Solo Home Dialysis, (without a partner). I think it’s just because they are fond of my partner.

However, I have corresponded with several patients around the country who have been allowed to do Solo Home Dialysis by their centers without any resistance or problems.

I was just wondering if Home Dialysis Central would be willing or able to supply us with a list of Dialysis Centers in the U.S. that allows patients to assume all the responsibilities and risks for doing their own treatments at home without dependency on a partner?

Thank you!

Data on which doctors and/or clinics allow patients to do solo HD is not published anywhere so we’re not able to provide that information to you. You might be able to find out clinics or physicians that allow patients to do solo home HD from NxStage, the company that makes the home HD machine that is approved for solo home HD.

I have been on home PD for 2 years now and could probably do it solo if I had to. My dialysis center is with Davita.

Many people choose to do PD because they want to be able to more easily work or travel, they don’t like needles, or they don’t have someone to help them.

I use Fresenius services, which provided initial hemodialysis then assisted in getting a Peritoneal Dialysis catheter. They also support home hemodialysis in addition to the PD. The process at home isn’t difficult, but it does require a LOT of attention to keeping things sterile and keeping infections away. I’ve been on PD for about a year and a half, so it is pretty much routine.