Live Web Conference Series: Home Dialysis

For anyone who is interested in home dialysis, come and take part on an upcoming web conference.

I’ll be doing the first one. Wish me luck. Hope to see you all there! Erich

Good luck, my friend. Knock it out of the park!

Did I hear Yipeee…hehehe

I thought you did a great job, Erich.

The presentations was well done, but I think timing may have been bad, some people I invited couldn’t make it. Perhaps maybe if it was done on a time where more people were home from work or on a weekend. Other than that it was well done. Erich was the perfect icon for that series, but also think Mr. Bill Peckham would have also been a great icon.

would have like to been on hand…tried to register but see it is not international…but…think that there will be a recording…??? according to Caitlin

Richard C/O Jessie

Thanks Dori and Gus. Dori, sorry I didn’t get a plug in for HDC. I saw that our moderator referred to you by name but failed to mention HDC as another place to get good information to make an informed choice.

The even was recorded and as soon as the link becomes available I’ll post it. Erich