Longer hour treatment and low bp

Hi Ive been on HD for 2 years and last 6 months home hd.

Over the last three months I’m trying to up my hours to longer 6 hr sessions. Even though I’m running slower speed (240) I still feel jaded after and it takes many hrs to feel myself again. Someone mentioned dialsate flow rate - my machine is set to auto so I’m wondering should I be adjusting this if I’m doing longer hrs.

My other issue is low bp - I stick to my fluid/weight but recently bp going onto treatment is 95/50 and sometimes as low as 80/38 coming off. Not sure what’s going on but deffo feel a bit weak!

Any advice greatly appreciated, My filter is fx80 running on freesenius 5008s.

Is your bp low on non dialysis days as well or just on days you run.

Yes it’s all the time for last month

I have had low bp for a year as well. I am on Midodrine 3 times a day. Sudafed was added in February. I take the Sudafed 1 he before I get on machine and Midodrine 15 minutes after that, 3 hours after 1 st dose wile still running I take my 2 nd Midodrine. Now my bp is still in the 90s during treatment but that’s better than when I first started. I would get into the 70 & 60 range. Yesterday when I got off my standing was 106. Sudafed raises bp. But I only take it on treatment days. Do you fell bad on no treatment days or has your body adjusted to the low bp? Sorry this is so lengthy.

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