Looking for collapsible IV pole?

I am taking my Mom to California in July. We live in Vermont. Nxstage says they will have a hard case so that I can take our machine on the plane with us.
But they don’t have a collapsible IV pole.

Does anyone know where I can get one?
I have thought og buying a iron pipe the same circumference as the IV pole we have and taking the top off and having the pipe as short as possible which will be approx. 32"

Perhaps a portable PD pole?


Also try…


Thanks, I’ll check those out

Thanks for the info. Wanted to let you know that I had one made.

Works great.


MPI Exclusive Collapsible Base

Designing and manufacturing quality medical accessories

MPI Exclusive Collapsible Base

Solve space and convenience issues with a compact collapsible base.
This MPI design minimizes storage requirements and is applauded by those transporting equipment.

How interesting I was just looking that up today on the web. Really did not find one that really thrilled me. I think the Engineers at Nxstage to design one like the colapsable cane that the visually impaired use. That folds from about 4 feet to 6 or 8 inches.
I will still be looking to have one for travel.