Looking for inkind dialysis supplies, R/O machines

Hi everyone, I was searching and stumbled upon this site and new to the group, nice to meet everyone! I have family friends in need of dialysis supplies in a developing country in the caribbean, if anyone is looking to donate, it would be very helpful. Particular need is for home reverse osmosis systems (r/o) for anyone to weak to go out for treatment. Just trying to pay it forward, please let me know, I will see if I can pay for the shipping costs. Any help would be much appreciated!

In the U.S. dialysis equipment is not usually owned by patients. Equipment for home dialysis is provided by clinics that either own or rent the equipment to a patient as long as s/he is on home dialysis. If your family friends need an RO, do they already have an HD machine and supplies? Have they been trained to do home HD? Dialysis patients in developing countries outside the U.S. often do peritoneal dialysis, which they can learn quickly and they can do PD manually or with a machine.

There are some companies that donate HD and PD equipment and supplies to clinics, centers, and hospitals outside the U.S. One example is Bridge of Life by DaVita. You might want to contact them and see if they are aware of the need in the country you want to send a donated RO to.

Please reach out to me on my email josh@premier-dialysis.com

I would be happy to donate supplies and speak with physicians, surgeons, and nurses in the under developed country to educate about PD options; how to perform surgery (or surgeons), and teach how to educate patients (nurses).