Looking for PD Nusing Homes/Rehab Hosp

I have an 85 year old mother who has been on PD for two years with little or no major complications. She is now in the hospital (two weeks and counting) for a different problem (blockage in the stomach) and I am not sure of the outcome. I was wondering if anyone new of a website or other means of finding Nursing Homes/Rehab Hospitals that will take PD patients. I know in Memphis it is difficult to find Hospitals that will treat PD patients. Thanks in advance for any information on this subject.

Thanks for your reply Sweetserenade. The PD at home is not the problem, I can do that myself. I was needing a nursing home that is willing to do PD at their facility - but I can not find. I have had our PD clinic Social Worker check into but with no luck. My mother has recently been given over to Hospice with COPD problems and they will have to come to our home due to the PD requirements, which I will continue to do. My wife and I will ask for your prayers because my Mother-In-Law is in the nursing home also under Hospice Care

You may be able to find a nursing home in your area that does PD by contacting your ESRD Network (www.esrdncc.org) or the State agency that sends surveyors to dialysis facilities, nursing homes and other provider groups to be sure that they’re provide quality care. You can find the contact information for the State survey agency by looking on the Medicare website (www.medicare.gov) and looking in Helpful Contacts under “organization” in your state.

I suspect your mother would prefer to remain in the home if possible. It’s wonderful that you’re able to help her do that and that she is receiving hospice services for her COPD. Hospice agencies I’ve worked with have had very caring staff who not only work with the patient to ease any physical or mental discomfort, but they also help the patient’s loved ones cope with their loved one’s illness.