Looking to hire a hemodialysis care partner for my father

Any advice for most reliable sites to find a care partner for my father? We need someone we can trust to hire and not afraid of needles. His current care partner is leaving for another job, we have the equipment and Machine and just need to be trained with DaVita.

We live in New York City

May i ask what state you reside?

We live in New York State, specifically Washington Heights in Manhattan. Thanks for asking!

At Medical Education Institute that administers Home Dialysis Central and this Forum, we don’t have a list of people who are trained to do home dialysis. However, you could search for dialysis technician training programs in New York. I found that the New York Medical Career Training Center (https://www.nymedtraining.com/) has been approved by the NY State Board of Education and by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nurses and Technicians (BONENT). BONENT certifies qualified patient care dialysis technicians who pass its exam.

You could also contact the National Association of Dialysis Technicians/Technologists (https://www.dialysistech.net/) to see if they know anyone in your area who is has training and experience as a dialysis technician and is looking for a job.

Finally, you could advertise on one of the online job boards for a trained, experienced dialysis nurse or technician. I’d strongly recommend checking references and bonding the person who will be providing in home dialysis.

As you said, the dialysis clinic must train the new care partner to follow the clinic’s policies and procedures and to assure competency.


Thanks @Beth_Witten_MSW_ACSW You have been very helpful just like always. Love learning from you.

Hello I live in queens and Iam in charge and care of my partner homedialysis treatment, I can invest with my experience if you still looking … I was trained through first days of the option of treatment, now we using the machine at home from 8-8.30pm to 6am

Anyone who does home HD or PD either as a patient or helper is required by dialysis regulations to be trained and prove they know how to do the dialysis following the policies and procedures of the clinic where the patient is admitted. If you’re offering to help someone do dialysis and you were trained for home HD using the machine that the patient is using by the same dialysis provider the patient is using, training may not take very long. However, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to undergo a background check and be bonded and insured since you’d be helping someone who doesn’t know you and to whom you’re not related.