Loose bowels

After a week stay in the hospital back in March my Mom has suffered from loose bowels. We blamed it on medicines and IV’s that she received while in the hospital but it still continues to this day. We brought it up to her dialysis team and they told her to get more fiber and take metamucil pills. She is a PD patient and soon to go on cycler machine and I cant help to think there is something more wrong. She takes about 18 pills a day from phosphate binders to protonics for indegestion. She is also diabetic. She has no time to get to the bathroom, she has no idea its coming.

First of all, did they change your Mom’s medications while she was in the hospital? Did she go home with different medications than when she went in? It could be that she continues tol take a drug that causes the problem.

Also, diabetics can ocasionally develop diarrhea from nerve damage, but more often have “gastroparesis” with delayed emptying of the stomach. This can cause anything from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea to lack of appetite. If this is the cause, there are drugs that might help.

If the healthcare team that takes care of you Mom’s dialysis doesn’t figure out what’s going on, you might consider seeing a gastroenterologist, a specialist in problems of the GI tract.