Low drain problem

Alarm goes off every time on. First drain of 4 not on any other drain time can anyone help in this respect thanks

Is there any difference in your position in your bed for the first drain as compared to the others? If it doesn’t alarm on the other drain cycles, it seems like it wouldn’t be the catheter or constipation or the height of the dialysis machine. Have you asked your home training nurse about this?

Many thanks for your prompt response. Maybe it’s because we’re on holiday but the bed diference doesn’t seem to be that unlike at home. Husband certainly isn’t contispated, quite the opposite so really at a loss to get to the bottom of the problem
As soon as it goes to fill 2 it’s absolutely fine all the way to end of therapy. Don’t seem to have as much alarms at home although that said if it does alarm it’s always on the first drain many thanks again for your understanding and assistance