Low grade fever every day after dialysis

Hello Dr. Agar,

I am on daily nocturnal HHD. 7-8 hours each night, six nights a week. For the last 5 days, I have been getting a low grade fever (99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit) about 2 hours after closing my dialysis session. The fever last for about 1-2 hours and subsides without any medication. The rest of the day I am totally fine.

I had my ‘weekly off dialysis night’ on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning there was no fever!

Any suggestions on what could be wrong?



Kamal … I would be suspicious re endocarditis … see your nephrologist, get blood cultures and a CRP, and see whether he thinks an echo - either a TTE or a TOE would be wise. Do NOT ignore this …

Ye go to your nephrologist asap… I really would recommend it.

As Nearlt 2 months have passed since Kamal’s first post, I guess all is sorted here.

Yes it is Dr. Agar. We started doing some tests but in a few days the fever just disappeared. Thanks for your tips though!