Low phosphate and Nocturnal

I am now about to have to add Phosphate to my Part A because of being on Nocturnal. My question is what does LOW phosphate mean for the body? We all know what high phosphate does.
Looks like I will be eating lots of Pierre’s Red Lentil Soup, not to mention bucketloads of Peanut Butter, honey and Banana sandwiches (my favourite combo from childhood), cashews, tofu, beans and more beans and CHOCOLATE! Yee haa!
Apparently Vegemite is also high in Phosphate. I used to have that for brekky every day from about 3 years old but kidney disease put a stop to it because of high salt content. Have any of you Northern hemisphere folk tried it? It is an Aussie gourmet delicacy.LOL …I still crave it if I smell it these days 8)

Hi Beachy,

The healthy body keeps substances like phosphorus in a tight range in the blood for a reason–bad things happen whether the levels are too high or too low. Here is some info I found on-line in the Merck Home Manual:

In hypophosphatemia, the level of phosphate in the blood is too low. Chronic hypophosphatemia occurs in people who have hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland), or impaired kidney function or who use diuretics for a long time. Taking large amounts of aluminum-containing antacids for a long time or large amounts of the drug theophylline can also deplete the body’s stores of phosphate. Phosphate stores are depleted in people with severe undernutrition, diabetic ketoacidosis, severe alcohol intoxication, or severe burns. The level of phosphate in the blood can fall dangerously low very quickly in people recovering from these conditions, because the body uses large amounts of phosphate during recovery.

Symptoms occur only when the phosphate level in the blood falls very low. Muscle weakness progresses to stupor, coma, and death. With prolonged mild hypophosphatemia, the bones can weaken, resulting in bone pain and fractures. The diagnosis is made by determining that the phosphate level in the blood is low.

Drinking one quart of low-fat or skim milk, which provides a large amount of phosphate, may help. A person with mild hypophosphatemia and no symptoms can take phosphate by mouth, but doing so usually causes diarrhea. If hypophosphatemia is very severe or if phosphate cannot be taken by mouth, intravenous phosphate may be given.

That’s scary, :shock:

My phosphorous has also been a little low for the past 3 months now but I don’t think its too low yet…

I’ve asked my Dr. whether I can take some phosphorous supplements but I guess its not time yet…

P.S. Icecream on a cone for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Beachy

I would consider anything that prevents eating Vegemite a gift of God :slight_smile:

I eat a lot of cheese of various kinds. It helps keep the phosphorus normal, and it helps with the protein requirement too. I also don’t spare the milk in my coffee or tea, I eat peanut butter, etc. It’s a very nice problem to have, isn’t it though?


Ha ha, I can’t imagine any person that likes french food would be a vegemite fan. When we were kids it was considered a “brain food”. Actually is full of vitamins, but is an acquired taste shall we say.

No, I am not complaining about the phosphate “problem” . However, it does seem that a lot of these foods will also put on weight. I have only got to look at food lately and I reckon I put on weight around the old stomach. Which is okay, only it blows the bank balance out having to buy a new wardrobe, especially now I’m not working. I am having too much fun at the moment to contemplate going back to teaching! 8)

Beachy, I’ve had Vegamite, worst thing I’ve ever tasted. A friend from Oz sent it to me. Included in the package were Cherry Ripe Candy bars.
Loved them & begged for more, she sent 10 & I finished them off in 3 days.

Pierre, if your reading this go back to the Cobe C3 thread & read your inspirational post about HHD. I found the copy I printed & posted it for you.

There is also a question there from Beachy for you. I think I know your answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d suggest talking with your dietitian about how much phosphorus you should eat and what foods are the best sources of phosphorus. Be careful about eating high potassium foods unless your potassium is low. You mentioned chocolate, peanut butter and bananas and they’re all high in potassium.

Check out the nutrition module on Kidney School:

You may also find this list of high and low phosphorus foods helpful:

And here’s a list of high potassium foods:

Yep , those Cherry Ripes are good stuff. Maybe I could talk Gus into some Vegemite on toast, seeing as he is a Beef Jerky connoisseur!

Thanks for advice Dori and Beth. Potassium still low to average so I figure I am going to enjoy chocolate while I can! :lol:

beachy, go to recipes for a simple but delicious chocolate delight :lol: >> >>>>>>>>>>>>

Sounds yummy Jane. Might have some for brekky!

Vegemite is a staple in our house mmmm yum!!! I like it on toast with lots of marg, but you only need a tiny scrape of vegemite, especially if you are trying it for the first time. My other half and my mum slathers it on :lol:

When Ralph’s ph’s is low I add 15cc of phosphate per night from the “enema” bottles. Because we do not dialyise on Sat Night I don’t give him any on Sunday night, but all the other nights.
You should see the funny looks I get when I buy 6 or 7 packages of it at Walmarts. :oops: But it works.

…I haven’t had to add phosphates yet. Maybe I’m eating enough chocolate to compensate! :lol:

I add phosphate and K+. I probly dont eat enough of either. Ive only just got used to not eating it, and now I have to eat it!

Am finding this adding phosphate from an enema bottle is a bit of a pain and also another cost I could do without! Maybe I should just be eating more nuts, are there any low fat ones (; ?
Amba, you said you had to add some too and seeing as you live in Oz too, I was wondering whether you also foot the bill for these little bottles or does your unit pay? I seem to be going through a bottle every 3 weeks?
Pierre, do you still not need to add any?? Is that unusual seeing as you do Daily Nocturnal?
I know Pat does, what about Bear or any other members of the “Night Owl Club”?[/list]

I dont have to pay for anything beachy thankfully!

I still add phosphorus to my bicarb dialysate jug every treatment. Even eating high phos foods liberally, etc., my phosphorus is usually still only at the upper end of the range when blood work is done, and it’s usually just below the range post-treatment. The phosphorus I add is a 133ml bottle of sodium phosphate enema, which the hospital provides free.

You could try having more dairy beachy. I only use 10ml per treatment, so it lasts a while. How much are you paying for it beachy if you dont mind me asking?

I only pay the medicare subsidised standard rate but what annoys me is that in centre patients at my hospital don’t have to pay for EPO, iron etc and yet home patients have to pay for everything. That doesn’t seem very fair to me, seeing as we are saving the hospital and govt a bucketload by doing it at home.
I wouldn’t mind if every Unit had the same charges, it just annoys me this inconsistency in a supposedly egalitarian “public health” system.

Also, how do you guys all decant the phsphate into the Part A from those little bottles?

I think thats pretty unfair as well angie! I only did a few weeks in-centre and I think you do have to use your own aranesp/epo, not sure about iron. Ive also noticed now that in hospital that you are sent a bill for any discharge meds. I never used to get a bill.