Low TMP after 3.5 hours

I’m having a problem with my 4008S Fresenius machine : during overnight DX sessions ( 8hrs x 7 days per week ) I have started getting low VENOUS alarm and concurrent low TMP usually after 3.5 hours. The VENOUS pressure returns to normal upon reset but the TMP remains at zero or minus 20 for the remaining hours ( the alarm issue is alleviated by repositioning the alarm gates so I can still sleep ) . The technician has replaced the UF pump and doctored the tube to the Venous transducer to no effect , they seem reluctant to replace the machine . I have had 2 ultrasounds of the AV fistula to see if there is a problem but this reported no stenosis and good blood flow . I have been on the same Daily Nocturnal regime for 14 years with great results . Any ideas for a solution to this sleep disrupting issue ?

Hi Nelson1805, I have made my way to someone at Fresenius who knows this machine, and passed on your problem so he can think about it. Can you possibly provide the serial number for your machine?

Hi Dori ,
Thanks for any assistance you can offer regarding this . The serial number is : 4SXACA53

Great! I’ve passed that on and will let you know what I find out.

Hello, I am currently a care partner for a home hemodialysis patient. He is my sons father, only 31 years old and we go through fresenius and he has a fistula. We have never been aware that you can do overnight dialysis with a fistula and he’s been doing hemodialysis for 3 1/2 years. What state do you live in that offers that?

Hi Sarah4444,
I live in NSW Australia - I would have thought Nocturnal Dialysis was available pretty much everywhere
Make enquiries ; it reduces the impact on the patients’ life considerably , good luck .

Hi Sarah,
Nocturnal home hemodialysis is offered at several clinics in the U.S. People can do it with any kind of HD access. You can use this database on the Home Dialysis Central website to locate a clinic in your area that offers it. Clinic Search - Find a Clinic - Home Dialysis Central

I’ve heard of patients who presented a case for the clinic where they were getting treated to offer it. Research has show that outcomes and quality of life for people on nocturnal home HD are better because long slow treatment removes more wastes and they’re able to eat a more normal diet. Here’s just one of many research articles on the benefits.

Hi Sarah444,
Not sure where you live in this world of ours. I live in Queensland Australia. It seems to me that not all hospitals in Australia offer Nocturnal Hemodialysis. Most assuredly Boonah Hospital (Queensland, Australia) does not but it is a small community. However, neither does Hervey Bay Hospital (Queensland, Australia) and it is a large community of 100,000 people. It is very much a case of checking who does and who doesn’t.