Machine continually alarming

Hi Im doing haemo dialyisis at home
The RO and machine was serviced 26 May the pressure on the RO was adjusted. Ever since then i have had pump problems and as a consequence air in the tubing… 12 dialysis in a row. The D machine was changed but the problem persists. Att the attachments are tight.

Hello, your post was brought to my attention today. I apologize for having not responded earlier. From what I understand, you are having ongoing equipment issues after a repair. I hope your bio-med technician has been notified, and the problem is now resolved.

I used to teach patients to never run on equipment that they do not absolutely trust with their life. I will tell you the same thing.

Repeat alarms over several treatments indicate there is some kind of active malfunction. Without knowing alarm specifics, or what services have been performed, I believe the only person able to tell you what is going on would be your bio-med.