Machine not allowing add fluid to begin treatment

Hello everyone, I am seeking some help online after having contacted my mom’s dialysis nurse to help us out, but she is not answering right now. We are currently in Costa Rica for vacation and now the Nxstage one system cycler is giving us issues when turning it on. We can’t even prime the cartridge because once we turn on our machine, it does not give us the option to add fluid to begin the priming process. We can’t contact customer service because we are not in the United States and our nurse said she would call us back, but it’s been a couple of hours. Has anyone had this issue before? How did you fix it? We have disconnected the machine from the plug several times to see if we can get it to start. We even used three cartridges to see if that was the issue, it was not. She has missed already 3 sessions due to the fact that we didn’t have our supplies till last night. Now we are stuck with this issue. Is there a solution to this? Thanks for taking the time and reading this.

You can call customer service even if you’re outside the U.S. to try to get help troubleshooting what’s happening. To do this, you would dial 00 then 1-866-697-8243.

If the machine can’t be fixed, she may have to do dialysis in Costa Rica or fly home ASAP. If you want to look into HD there, this website lists 3 hospitals in San Jose that offer dialysis. You can use the down arrows to search for dialysis in Costa Rica. If she has private insurance, it may cover dialysis there. Medicare doesn’t cover dialysis when performed in a clinic outside the U.S.

Wow, I am so sorry I didn’t realize anybody responded. We had the machine on for HOURS and it eventually worked after a few days. Thank you so much