Machine repairs and returning incenter for txs

I understand why patients want to get out of the unit into home programs, but what is it like when one must go back incenter due to machine problems when one is in a home program?

In my case, my center “WellBound” provides their own backup, though they have an in-center partner right next door they provide backup without you having to go to the main in-center dialysis for emergency treatment…

All they have is an extra room for bakup purposes which in most cases rarely happens to be used… but its there… :roll:

In some clinics, the home hemodialysis patient might dialyze in the training area. However, in most clinics where I’ve worked, home hemodialysis patients doing backup dialysis get their treatment in the treatment area with in-center patients. Talk with the training nurse, in-center charge nurse, or facility director about how much of your treatment you could do yourself if you had to do backup dialysis. If you do your own needle sticks, I’d encourage you to ask to do that. If you’d like to run your own treatment, I’d ask for that as well.

Once you’ve gotten used to doing home hemodialysis, the less likely you’re going to want to have someone else take care of you. So the more you do to take care of yourself in-center, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Also, the more you do for yourself, the less stressed the staff will feel about having to take care of another patient on short notice. Plus, if other patients see you doing more than they do, it’s possible you could become a role model to an in-center patient taking on more self-care tasks and possibly even considing home hemodialysis as an option.

I haven’t been back in-centre due to machine problems. However, I’ve been back in for transonics 3 or 4 times, and I was in the hospital acute dialysis unit for the first tx after a fistula angioplasty. Because I use buttonholes, I don’t want to be cannulated by anyone else. So, I bring my own little bag of supplies so I don’t have to ask for anything special. I bring my own buttonhole needles, syringes, tape, scissors, gauzes, my one-hand tourniquet, etc. Once there, I put my own needles in, but I let the nurse take care of the treatment after that. For one thing, the machine has already been setup and is in recirculation when I get there. There are a few minor things they do differently in centre, like not using a scissor clamp on the saline line, not using the machine to give the heparin bolus, etc., and these are enough to throw me off a little. I don’t mind a little one day vacation now and then :slight_smile:


My husband and I are training now on the NxStage and it doesn’t seem that there will be a problem if we need machine repair. We’ve been instructed to simply call our customer service rep and they arrange for another machine to be delivered the next day to swap out. The support from this company sounds great! Hope I never need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Hey that’s great! Am sure you will like it alot…I’ve been at home with NxStage a little over a year now and its been magnificent, incredible, inspiring and what not wow!!! 8)

There was only one machine switch I had and the process is straightforward…no long waiting and didn’t even need to go in-center for dialysis…now if you are net savvy like I am you can also use email support and ordering or reporting over email…isn’t that cool eh? :wink:

So it’s possible that my husband can do his ordering and logs/reports online? Is it complicated?

So it’s possible that my husband can do his ordering and logs/reports online? Is it complicated?

Of course! Once you go home you will be assigned with your NxStage representative which you can arrange for email inventory reporting and any other issues…

Sounds great – Hubby will love it! Everything I learn about the NxStage company just keeps getting better and better.