Machine resets during treatment

Hello everyone! I’m new here and so happy to have found . This page! I’m also new to home hemp dialysis. I have about 3 wks at home now and today was the second time the machine numbers reset to zero. I don’t understand why. Today I had 6 min left and my blood flow rate went from 350 to 100 and dialysate rate went from 11.5 to 0. I couldn’t fix it and luckily I only had 6 min left so I disconnected. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Call Nxstsge they can help. They may have to switch out cycles which is easy. They will send instructions on what you need to do.

Thank you because my nurse didn’t say anything. And now every time I get an alarm the numbers go down to zero and the blood flow rate goes down to 100.