Magic catheter


Evening - My wifes catheter has gone from its optimal position to a “top left” according to todays x-ray; We have been advised to flood the peritoneal cavity 4 times a day rather than the current three times - putting in 2litres instead of the usual 1.5ltr - is this likely to move said catheter back to its required central position or are we heading for surgery to reposition it? many thanks in anticipation. To cover off the usual questions, bowels are working fine, wife is disabled post stroke damage (6 years) so movement and acrobatics are a minimal option - Are we simply being told to go away and play or is this going to actually work?


Here’s a one page sheet from Fresenius entitled PD Drain Problem Solving Guide for PD Nurses that may give you some ideas of what could be causing the drain problems your wife is having and ways to address them, including trying the knee to chest position or climbing stairs.

This article from eMedicine written for healthcare professionals describes complications with PD catheters, including outflow problems, and how to address them: