Manual drain pain

I’m going to ask again I started PD manual dialysis at home for about a week and a half now when I drain I get extreme pain in my rectum like a knife shooting up my butt and now it has reached the point where even the next day when I get up the pain still there constantly you need suggestions I have tried leaving a little more fluid slowing down the drain but it just does not go away please advise

Report this to your home training muse and nephrologist. Ask if they can see if the tip of your catheter is out of the correct position. Sometimes leaving in some fluid helps to allow the catheter to float easier.

Oh how I can relate the drain pain made me go down on my knee I would have to pinch my tube to give me some relief . My nurse always said if it doesn’t get better they may have to reposition the catheter. But the doct like to give it a few months . I never thought it would go away but it didn’t still have some pain but not like the beginning I been doing pd since February. Probably took 4 months
Are you going to go on the cycler I don’t have as much pain on the cycler