Manual Exchanges, Final Drain

My wife was on the Baxter cycler for 3-4 months, but the alarms and pain were intolerable. We switched to an overnight exchange with Purple. When we do the final drain in the morning, we need to use an Ultra-bag set just to have the sterile drain bag. Is there any other way to do the final drain with standard Baxter components that will not require “wasting” the unused solution in the Ultra-bag set? Thanks. PS Yes, I was raised to be frugal.

Why you do not go to see a doctor? Wouldn’t it be the best idea?

Hi MyGalSal welcome to the forum, i suggest to call a nurse or to consult your practitioner

I found a brief (7 min) video that discusses drain pain, possible causes and testing for them, and things to do to relieve the pain. Some things that are common causes of drain pain include constipation, movement of the catheter from the area where it should be located, cycler drain settings, and where the cycler is placed in relation to the patient lying in bed. You might want to share the link to this video with your nurse.

The video I mentioned above also discusses drain pain in manual exchanges.

Yes i agree with Beth video is quiet helpful in understanding causes of drain pain