May be coming to the USA

Possibly. If I’m well enough & my doctor OK’s. Orlando is a likely destination. I’ve had a fair bit of feedback on another board. With sensible advice like, travel with extra legroom, it’s worth the cost:)

Not sure WHEN I will be going but have been advised that it’s not quite so roasting in the earlier part of the year:)

I’m not getting my hopes up too high just yet. Just making some exploratory posts I guess:)

With the strength of the British Pound right now would be a good time to visit the Mouse - Disneyland prices would seem reasonable.

You don’t have to pay extra to get legroom on an international flight, IF you are qualified to sit in the exit row. As long as you meet the exit row requirements, mark your calendar for the earliest day that you can select seat assignments, and call up the airline and request an exit seat. Those seats are bulkhead (no-one in front of you) and have a lot more leg room.