MDF (particle board) based furniture safe to store dialysate?

Hi- just getting mom set up for home PD and shopping for storage furniture. IKEA seems to have some nice options but everything is made of particle board (MDF) which I’ve heard releases small amounts of formaldehyde. Has anyone heard of this as a concern?

Interesting point, guest. I don’t believe the formaldehyde (which is released by plywood, chipboard, particle board, and oriented strand board (OSB)) would harm the PD fluid in any way. It’s not the best thing to breathe, but most people who are not allergic seem to tolerate small amounts of it with no obvious ill effects. One thought if you find a piece that really looks as if it would work is to open the boxes and leave them outside in the garage for 2-3 weeks to air out and off-gas. These pieces don’t release formaldehyde forever–it does dissipate over time.

My husband is allergic to formaldehyde, so this is something we pay a lot of attention to in our house (though we don’t do dialysis). Formaldehyde has many names and is found in lots of consumer products like shampoos, soaps, conditioners, etc… All blended fabrics (polyester + cotton, etc.) contain it. Burning treated lumber releases it into the air. Even swimming pool chemicals contain it. It’s tricky stuff to avoid!

If you really DON’T want formaldehyde in your mom’s home, or don’t want to wait for it to off-gas, you might look into metal shelving. Big box home stores like Home Depot and Menards have it, usually in black, white, or silver, and it comes in lots of sizes.