Medication dosage for renal patients?

Has anyone found a good reference, either web, printed for for dosages of common medications for renal patients ?

I know some medications require modifications of standard dosages due to renal failure, but can not find an easy to use
format. One can use the PDR but is rather bulky and time consuming.

Thank you !

Here’s a book on Amazon that discusses drug dosing in people with kidney disease.

Here’s a booklet that discusses which drugs are known to be dialyzed off by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Some drugs don’t say because it’s unknown.

Doctors typically consider the patient’s GFR (level of natural kidney function) and the type of dialysis when prescribing medications that are either removed by kidneys or dialyzed off. A pharmacist should also know how kidney disease/kidney failure affects the dose and effectiveness of drugs.

I would not recommend adjusting the dosage of any your drugs without talking with your doctor.

And here’s a “Dialysis of Drugs” reference that was written in 2009:

Hi Dori,

The “Dialysis of Drugs 2010” is currently available. Not sure what changes they made, but here is the link to it…


Thanks, Miracle Man! Looks like Beth found that one, too. You guys are on the ball! :smiley: