Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Hope Everyone Here at Home Dialysis Central had a Merry Christmas. Hope your day was full of joy with many more to come.
May your next year be better than the last…


Same to you, and of course the other members on the site!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


Hemodialysis since Dec 28, 2004 (5 years this week!)

A big Happy New Year to everyone!!

Hi all who read this,
May this be a Year full of peace of mind, joyfullness, and of course optimal health whatever that means for you. God it’s great to be alive :slight_smile:

Glad to see a number of members jumping in on this thread. In most net groups I frequent, we spend all year supporting each other, but it’s a curious thing that when it comes to wishing each other a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year, most go awol. I appreciate all the kidney brothers and sisters who post throughout the year and help make my journey lighter. As most know, I went to nocturnal txs this year and have never felt better. I would like to see every kidney patient feeling as well as I am feeling now and am always available to help with any questions :slight_smile: