Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007!

Hey all, visitors, friends, and family who visit here we wish you all a great holiday! May the best come to you all in 2007!

Thank you, Gus, and we, too, wish everyone a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year. In fact, the best is coming to us in 07’ as we are next in line to start home training and will begin after the 1st!

Home dialysis after the 1st? Congratulations, that is awesome!

Same to you ,Gus and everyone else. Thanks for the wonderful support one and all gives each other here. This is a fantastic little cyber forum that has does an immeasurable amount of good.
Cheers from Australia. XX

Jessie and I extend our best wishes to all … we look forward to 2007 we are very optimistic… gotta ( going )to be better than 06… from Canada Cheers

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all have a very happy new year. Greeting from Newfoundland (The Rock) ,Canada

Merry [COLOR=darkgreen]Christmas![/COLOR] [SIZE=3]To see a visual representation of what Nx Stage means to me click the link[/SIZE]–?cq=1

I hope you all have similar joy in your life! Peace, Erich


Sorry all just did not get a chance to say Merry Christmas but hope everyong had a wonderful one just like us.
As for the New Year, We wish all a very Happy, Healthy as possible, and propours.
2007 will be a new year and new opportunities for all of us to be and do our best through out the year.
Remember to stay sober!!! and don’t drink too much water!
Live well
Love often
Play hard!
Pat & Ralph