Milk Does a Body Good

Do you really think so? have any of you tried this milk product for dialysis patients?

I’m wondering if one can cook with it? Love to make puddings, sauces ect… but with a 1/2 cup allowance of milk per day it’s kind of hard to work it in. I had limited success with a frozen non dairy product but worry about the trans fats and such, such products contain. I do in the hot weather like some frozen flavored cool whip. Hoping that on home hemo I will have a more liberal diet. Lin.

Interesting…havent seen that over here. I can drink regular milk now thankfully. Their website is awful to navigate :?

If this is the one that I brought back from the NKF conference a year ago and gave to our center, everyone is raving about it.
Since Hubby is on nocturnal he can have regular milk.
Pat :lol: