Minimum dwell time?

Is there a minimum dwell time for all transporters? I always thought 90 min was across the board needed for sufficient toxin removal, obviously longer dwells are needed for other transporters, but if you do less than 90 min dwells won’t you risk sodium sieving? I have seen some patients doing apd, 7 exchanges and their dwell times are 45 min! I was told 5/15/90 5 exchanges max overnight, no more than 15 L overnight, and minimum 90 min dwells. Did I imagine this? Won’t you risk sodium sieving with high transporters if dwell times are less than an hour??

I found this FAQ about dwell times - and a slide set with slide notes pages from the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis -

You might want to talk with a clinical educator with the company where you get your supplies.