Missing a nocturnal treatment

So far, I’ve only had to abandon one treatment early due to a technical glitch that I couldn’t resolve in a reasonable amount of time before having to abandon the blood circuit (I didn’t abandon it, since I decided to rinse my blood back while I still could). I just didn’t have the inclination to setup a new treatment at midnight :slight_smile:

When that happens, with little treatment time, I was told the options are to just wait until the next overnight treatment (in other words, it’s not a big deal to miss one nocturnal treatment), or alternatively, if you feel like you need it, you can do a short daily treatment the following morning instead.

Has this happened to any of you doing nocturnal, and, if so, did you just wait for the next treatment (my preference), or did you do a short daily instead?

With my father this has happened a couple of times in 5 years. If the problem occurs before midnight I usually just set up again. If after midnight we skip the treatment until the next night.

I’ve done both, abandon treatment and wait for tomorrow and doing a short daily next day. surprisingly I am still alive.
of course we all know that more dialysis is better than less but if you were in a clinical setting you would only dialyze 3X a week from 2-3 hours and many people live long lives that way.
don’t make excuses to not dialyze but the world won’t end if you miss a treatment every now and then.