My care taker

What can you tell my Fiance`( Care taker) Guy, What he can do to help me through this Peritoneal Home Dialysis? How he can serve me best to keep on top of the knowledge that he already possess for he has taking care of me for 11 years with Sle Lupus and he Knows just as much (but never all, lol), about my illness for Guy has giving me my home infusions for; Potassium, iron and blood draws, he can access my port (Bardport) (Nurse does it most of the time), left upper chest, de-accesses the Huber needle(22G X.75in. ref,), Flushes with 11ml saline, 6ml of heparin. Guy is Quite the Helper!
NEWFLASH FOR CLOGGED PORTS; Heparin, when administered CAN unclog a port. For with SLE Lupus, I had to have my Bardport replaced 3 x’s. 4 Ports! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!! 1st one , lines were to short, 2nd one twisted, 3rd one collected a film over port and Nurse and Guy had problems with Blood Draws. This port has clogged but not as much as the other 3, They (the Doctors), will try to debate this but experience oversee all debates. HEPARIN WILL Unclog a port if it’s left to sit for 3-5 minutes. Again, use discretion with Heparin for I NEVER use more then 12ml-16ml max of Heparin to use on final flush after Saline. Do not attempt yourself to over use heparin for if 12-16ml of Heparin does NOT unclog it, it won’t work for you!!! (or it needs Cath-Flo to unclog) Prescribed by your Doctor ONLY!
Remember…BLOODTHINNER (Heparin)

So Board and Team, How can you FURTHER help Guy in Helping me with PD home Caretaker Responsibility’s???
New to him but Guy catches on quick!
Karen~Sle Forever~