My doc ignored me when I told him I had a hernia prior to PD

So I’ve been on PD for about 5 months now. I am doing a 6 liter bag and a 3 liter bag, all green, which amounts to 3 fills and drains while I sleep in an 8 hour session, along with an additional extraneal bag for my day time dwell. So far it’s doing its job along with the 15 different pills I have to take daily, some 2 and 3 times daily. Along with additional calcium and phosphorus pills and supplemental
Drink that tastes like concentrated dimeatap.

But I digress…
My concern is about my doctor… When he was diagnosing me about 80 lbs ago, and feeling the extent of my adema, stomach distention, and taking a look at how similar my face looked to Eric stoltz’s portrayal of Rocky Dennis when he was in the movie MASK, I made a point to tell him about my abdominal hernia. He almost seemed like he was ignoring what I was saying to him all together. And he went on ahead and recommended my PD catheter and I had my surgery done, and have been doing it ever since. Now, again it’s been 5 months. I’ve told my doctor several times now that I still have the friggin hernia and he just kept on nodding and going about his business, and it seems almost like now he doesn’t even know what a hernia is because he still hasn’t done anything to help me out with it.

So my hernia has become strangulated, and it’s now to the point where if I cough hard it will pop out. I’ve had to go to
The hospital 4 times in the last month because the pain was so bad that I couldn’t push it back in on my own, and I’ve had to have them load me up with morpjine and pop it back in for Me. They finally gave me a hernia doc and told
To schedule my hernia surgery. So I missed my latest appointment for labs at my dialysis care center, and explained to my nurse the reason for doing so, and she’s amazing by the way, but anyway she freaked out like she had no idea that I had a hernia in the first place, told me not to schedule with the doc the hospital gave me, n gave me the name
Of another doc that will do it who works with their nephrology team. I will be going
In to the care center tomorrow to talk to the nurse n my nephrology genius(sarcasm), and find out what the game
Plan is, because from what my
Nurse told me I should have never been put on PD in the first place because it wouldn’t be as effective with a hernia not to mention I am doing damage to my abdominal wall or something like that.

Is this considered malpractice? If I sue would I win? I’m poor. My doc sucks. And more important, should I be looking
To switch to HEMO and get this damn catheter out of my abdomen?

Plz help, any advice would be awesome. And if I can sue, also awesome. N if I can’t sue, I’m gonna get put on HEMO n sell this friggin PD machine n make some money regardless lol.

I am sorry, but this is not a post I can respond to. I do not know the circumstances, do not know the type, extent, complexity or otherwise of the hernia you speak of, nor know what - if any - other options in treatment are available. I can add no more.