My father’s blood sugar going up after PD


My father is on PD since 5 months now using baxter home choice pro cycler. He uses 1000 ml of solution with a combination of 2.5% and 1.5% concentration (2 bags). But when i check his blood sugar in the morning (fasting) its more than 350. I have increased the insulin quantity to 25 units in the morning and 15 units in the evening which was 20 and 10 earlier. But the sugar levels do not seem to be getting controlled. Please suggest.

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I too am diabetic and on PD. Have your Dad speak to his diabetes doctor, he may need to switch to long lasting insulin at bedtime. I take 50 units at bedtime and my blood sugars are great in the morning.

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Dear Mir_Faisal

I am afraid this is not the right place for you to seek help with your father’s glucose control. This site offers plain language explanations about the way dialysis works, and about some of the practical issues people on dialysis - and especially home dialysis - have with their machines and systems. But, I cannot (nor would it be right or ethical) to offer advice to individual patients about their medical management. The problems you have with your dad requires close knowledge of his glucose patterns, his medication, and a range of stuff that ONLY his managing team and nephrologist have (and should have) access to. I strongly suggest you contact them and seek their advice. If you don’t understand it, ask again, and again, until you do. But … this site (and any other Internet-based site) is NOT the right place to go.

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There is a French Nutritionist called Michel Montignac. Maybe you haven’t heard of him. He has some principles of eating published in his books that tells how to keep the glucose levels down. Also, he has lists of foods that have low Glycemic Index. I think there are many recipes and examples available on google. I think you should give it a try and research a bit about Montignac and his principles. It helped me a lot with hiperinsulinemia and I’m only 30 years old.:upside_down_face: