My Information Website ( - Updated and Expanded (Sept. 2009)

To all HDC readers

This post is to let all HDC readers know that my website, has now been fully updated, upgraded and expanded and went ‘live’ on 15th September 2009.

Although its ‘skin’ still looks the same … and a bit ‘daggy’ … I decided to sustain its simplicity and background unaltered. However, those who have visited before will find that quite a lot of additional data has been added while prior data has been brought up to date.

Although revising the site has been a huge amount of work, I have chosen to update it because I believe that you, the dialysis patient, deserves all we, the dialysis professionals, can give of ourselves to enhance your hemodialysis experience.

No-one would wish dialysis on anyone …but, if it has to be, then why not, together, make it as positive and as optimal a process as possible.

I am mindful of the sheer SIZE of the site … it is >200 pages when printed … so it may beyond many of you to read it all. Nevertheless, it is, I believe, full of useful stuff and worth making a good effort to digest … so give it a shot and see how you go!

Though the site IS aimed primarily at educating the reader about overnight home hemodialysis, it contains material central to the clear understanding of all hemodialysis techniques. As such, it is pertinent to read - whatever hemodialysis modality you eventually choose or whether you choose to dialyse in a centre or at home.

The site is about hemodialysis. It favours home care and it advocated longer and more frequent treatment. This is NOT intended to downgrade or diminish peritoneal dialysis. It, too, is an excellent modality and is a home modality … simply, this site is about hemodialysis. There are lots of good sites for peritoneal dialysis and some are mentioned in the ‘links’ section.

Though I have tried to be even-handed with all information, you will undoubtedly be aware as you read that I am an unashamed, unabashed, unrepentent advocate for longer hour and more frequent session dialysis. However, clearly, extended hour and frequency programs are not applicable to all. Simply, I would encourage all hemodialysis patients (dialyzors) to critically consider what they currently do … and see if there are ways to enhance their dialysis regime and access the advantages that result from better dialysis.

This site will let help you with that self-assessment.

I have done my best to make all the information understandable, easy-to-read and set out in bite-sized chunks that can be read - or printed out - in sections and at your own pace.

The site has always been free. At times, selfishly, I have pondered the wisdom of this, but I feel strongly that dialysis patients and their families have enough to worry about without having to bear an additional charge, simply for information.

If you find the site helpful, then tell other dialysis patients to visit and learn about dialysis in general and better-outcome dialysis in particular.

Assess your own dialysis against what is possible … and if your local program appears to fall short of delivering what could be done for you, discuss with your centre’s team whether there is a way to work together to improve your care.

For those who have visited here already - thank you for your support … but it still might be worth another flick through the site to see what’s new and what’s happening.

For those who may not have visited before - I hope you find the experience useful.

For all who visit or re-visit and who find the site helpful … let others know.

For all … if this site convinces you about the benefits of longer, more frequent dialysis, then go out and lobby for it! There is no more powerful a voice than the voice of the consumer - you!

As the twin arguments I advocate at this site (‘home’ and ‘more’) are also in the long-run far less expensive for the provider … you will indeed have a powerful argument behind you.

Thank you for you support

John Agar

Prof. John W M Agar
Director: Renal Services
Geelong Hospital, Barwon Health
Geelong, Victoria, 3220, Australia.

Are there any sections that have not been updated?


All have had some work done on them … though some more than others … I cant now remember which have had a major overhaul and which minor - sorry.

John Agar

Ah geez, was expecting an all new modern design! Oh well…