My mother needs a better doctor

My mother lives in the back woods of Maine, the current group of doctors that have been treating her for three years have no explanation why her health has failed rapidly in the past 5 month . They have run her through a battery of tests multiple times. We have tried to reason with her to go see modern professionals in BOSTON MASS or other large hospitals where we feel her condition maybe diognoised correctly . She herself has told the doctors "I am not living, I only exhisting. THe family needs answers and they have none!

I am only hoping somebody can point us in the right direction before its to late.

Hi Morton,

Is your mom on peritoneal dialysis? That’s what this message board is for. Other than that, I personally agree with you that getting a second opinion seems wise, and that large medical centers may be better able to make a diagnosis in a complex case than smaller, regional ones. But the person you really need to convince is your mom. If she doesn’t agree, there isn’t much you can do.

What are her symptions?