My 'Nocturnal Haemodialysis' Website

Dear all

This is just to alert anyone who might be interested to the updating process that is going on at my website

While there are still a few pages to be upgraded by my web manager in Seattle, Mike Vayo, the majority have now been completed and the remainder should be finished by the weekend.

This website is (and has always been) a labor of love … an affirmation of my assertions for and belief in extended hour and frequency home haemodialysis as the best possible dialysis currently available.

Though it earns me nothing but additional workload, it hopefully provides you with easy-to-read information.

While there are some changes … a few additions, some deletion of old data and some tweeking of format … none of these are major.

The most important section … a new section dealing with ‘What’s new, and what’s coming in dialysis equipment’ is currently being written and will be added, I hope, within the next 7-10 days.

This post is simply to alert you to the upgrade.

I hope you will use this site as intended - to improve your understanding of dialysis and to de-fuse some understandable anxiety.

John Agar