My NxStage machine broke down tonight

So tonight I was on dailysis and after about an hour and a half I kept getting a 51 alarm whcih is basically the machine getting to hot, technically the code says the solution is to warm. So after turning off the “warmer” and waiting over 40 minutes for a code 52 which means it’s ok now, I kept getting the 51 alarm, so I called NxStage and we troubleshooted and discoved the exhaust fan located above the computer module stopped working. So the internal temperature was getting to hot inside the machine and that was the reason for the alarm. The good thing is that the machine was still removing excess fluid but the bad news is it wasn’t cleaning my blood.

So now we will see how fast they can ship me a new machine. I called them about 8:30pm on Saturday night and the tech put the order in for me to have my machine swapped. I had told her I didn’t dialize on Friday and I only got a hour and a half of treatment in tonight so she will do what she can to get me a machine by tomarrow. So now I wait.

  • Epoman

The same thing happened to my machine while I was training. They got us another machine the next day…
It should all be ok…

That happened to me as well. My first unit had 51’s warnings and 52 alarms quite often. I used to have a small electric fan set up behind my
unit to help cool it. That worked for a while but then I just replaced my unit. I called it in one night and I recieved another in 36 hours. I think if
you call it in early enough in the day you can usally get another the next day. I t still is much better turn around than getting a service tech to come
out anf fix your machine.
As a tip keep a small fan avilable and point it to the back of your machine it seemed to help for me.

Bruce K
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