My Personal DailyHemo site

Finally at last, I’ve just launched my personal DailyHemo site…please take a visit and let me know what you think. It has some nice features including newfeeds and gallery for home patients to upload their setups at home. There may be some errors and if you do find any let me know… :wink:

Now and then will post articles and more pics, I invite those of you on dialysis at home to get yourself a digital camera and start sending pics of your setup and tell the world how cool it is doing dialysis at home…

That’s all I needed - another place to play games…I’ll never get any work done :lol:

Hehe, :lol: …

At least keeps you busy having fun…the original idea was to place an archive of patient stories there, but decided to test a classic games section first…dunno, will see…thanks for stopping by and posting!

Gus, I liked your site.

Thanks Marty, greatly appreciate you visiting it…any suggestions are welcomed…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi Gus,

Great site! Very nicely done. We appreciate you linking to Home Dialysis Central and to Kidney School, and we’ll be linking to you as well. : )


Heya Dori,

thanks for visitng, glad you liked it. Behind my head for a couple of years I had that thought of doing something like that. Am glad I sat down and said to myself, “Lets do it!”…yay, finally did it and am relieved. :smiley:

Anyway, there’s already a link to this site in the Links section as well as the Kidney school.


Nice site Gus, very professional looking. The pics of the NXstage were interesting. gloria

Hi Gloria,

thanks for stopping by and of course those of you with a digital camera send in your pics as well!! The world wants to see your setups to… :smiley: