My short update

Hi folks

I just finished my pure flow and EDD training. And will do my first home tx on 5/19/07.

I found a a dialysis center ( Wellspan of York Pa) that for me was the model of centers. They may not be at the very top of centers but were very professional and human. So anyone who wants to learn the nxstage, please give real thought to this company.

What I found with the pureflow was , yes it has some minor bugs that can be worked out. But in the time I was working with it, the bugs were as I said very minor. And I found my Team and Nxstage very helpful. Any minor bug that came up if the team could not solve ,Nxstage techs, were more than helpful , they were very happy to help. Any Questions I had were answered, either by my team or Nxstage. And trust me, I asked tons of questions always have always will.

No need to reply , I will update one more time in the fall.