Nausea with Peritoneal dialysis

Hi everyone. New to the site but learning a lot from everyone’s input.
My father has been on PD now for 1 year. Lately he has been experiencing lot of nausea at times right after getting off the cycler in the morning. This will last throughout the day and results in low appetite.
No sign of peritonitis. It doesn’t happen everyday but when it does occur it can be quite debilitating.
He never had this issue when he first started but now is happening within last 3 or 4 months. Last kt/v was 1.77 so i think clearance is good per his doctor.
He thinks he gets quite bloated by his last drain cycle and maybe that leads to the nausea? His PD nurse had changed his settings since a lot of drain alarms where going off and i wonder if that has anything to do with it.
Open to hearing if anyone has any suggestions or things we should be asking his nephrologist? Thank you

Has your father seen a GI doctor? There are many possible causes of nausea in peritoneal dialysis. Some I’ve read about include gastric reflux, delayed gastric emptying, peptic ulcer, H pylori infection, peritonitis, diverticulosis, and even constipation. A GI doctor would need to do tests to determine the cause.