Need medicare rules for dialysis chair for home D

Im looking for some paperwork to take to my kiaser medicare so we can get a dialysis chair from our center. Kiaser actually said we are due one, but the center said no. I would love to have something in hand saying this is medicare rules. Any advice for me?? thanks a bunch…

The Medicare Benefit Policy manual provides definitions for dialysis equipment, supplies, and support equipment covered by Medicare under the rate Medicare pays for dialysis. The dialysis chair is listed as support equipment on page 6.

6. Support Equipment - Support equipment is equipment used in conjunction with the basic dialysate delivery system. Such equipment includes (but is not limited to) pumps, such as blood and heparin pumps, alarms, such as bubble detectors, water purification equipment used to improve the quality of the water used for dialysis, and adjustable dialysis chairs.

On page 31, it states that the chair is reimbursed as with other parts of the dialysis delivery system under the home dialysis reimbursement:

Payment can also be made under the home dialysis equipment provision for supportive equipment that is used in conjunction with the basic dialysate delivery system. This includes blood and heparin pumps, air bubble detectors, blood leak detectors, unipuncture devices, water purification systems, and adjustable dialysis chairs.
Adjustable chairs, such as recliners, are covered when required as a component.

I have been told by CMS (Medicare) payment personnel in Baltimore that the dialysis facility providing home training and support services must provide the dialysis chair if it is medically necessary for the type of dialysis the patient is doing and the dialysis facility cannot require the patient to pay for a dialysis chair.

I am a kaiser member and my clinic said NO too… No to just about everything… but I went in with written medicare information which is stated from Beth and I got it going…( took 3 months ) and now all of us home people have a chair… funny how some clinics say NO and others order you a new chair… I have been working with my clinic on Extended Nxstage for months… Stay on top of them …