Need to help patients choose a type of dialysis? Here is a free decision aid to help!

Learning that dialysis is needed is not news anyone wants to hear–but patients DO have options, and the type of dialysis they choose can impact every aspect of their lives.

This is why we built a tool to help you help your patients. My Life, My Dialysis Choice ( lets folks choose from up to 23 lifestyle and health values. For each value chosen, tables will show four types of dialysis will affect it. When each type of dialysis is rated with stars, a summary chart will be shown at the end. The decision aid can be used for people who:
– Are facing dialysis for the first time and don’t know anything about it
– Are “crashing” into dialysis with little notice
– Have a failing transplant
– Are not thriving on their current option, and might do better on another

With the summary chart in place, patients can talk to their nephrologists about which options will make their lives work best while they wait for a transplant, or if they can’t have one or don’t want one.

Making an ACTIVE choice of a dialysis type can help patients live the lives they want.