Need urgent help!

Good day, I am recently Diagnosed with type 5 Kidney Failure, I require daily Dialysis to survive
How/where can I get a home dialysis machine to buy (I live in Jamaica) please give me your recommendations urgently!

To do any type of home dialysis, you would need equipment, regular delivery of supplies that work with the type of dialysis you’re doing and the machine, if applicable. You would also need training. The type of dialysis that can be learned the fastest and that may be the least costly is continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). For CAPD, cycler PD, or hemodialysis, you’d need surgery to place an access. With the surgery for PD places a permanent catheter in your abdomen. CAPD does not use a machine. Instead, it uses bagged dialysis fluid, and you use gravity to drain the dialysis fluid into your peritoneal cavity where it stays a a few hours to collect wastes and extra fluid and then the used fluid is drained out by gravity and dumped into a toilet or shower drain. For hemodialysis, you would need a fistula or graft that is usually created in your arm. Some people get a catheter in their chest or neck. This type of treatment uses a machine.

I cannot recommend where you can get training or buy a machine for use in Jamaica. I’d recommend that you contact one of the dialysis clinics to ask if they offer PD with or without a cycler machine or home HD. Here are a couple I found in Jamaica:

If you have a kidney doctor, s/he should know where home dialysis training and support is offered. S/he would know where to get equipment and supplies too.

Thank you very much for this information

I have a NxStage Cycler at home as well as one I purchased from NxStage ( now Fresenius Kidney Care) for my summer home. They have everything necassary for home treatment. My supplies are delivered monthly and i am doing nocturnal hemo dialysis every other night.

Ask you clinuc about NxStage Cycler 1

My surgeons would be happy to speak with any surgeons about peritoneal dialysis catheter placement if it is not frequently performed on Jamaica. It is one of the goal of Premier Dialysis to get into some other countries ti share about our QLPD home dialysis that is sugar free and once a day long dwell exchange. I can educate your clinic on this process to help be a resource

I would strongly encourage you to get ahead of the illness to help maintain your residual kidney function and prevent the need for much more aggressive dialysis. You can call 1-888-KIDNEY-0 for any questions