Needle pain

hello. We have been doing home dialysis for about 10 mths now. We use 15 gage blunts with button holes. My wife complains the needles hurt as bad coming out as they do going in. My thinking is they should slide out easy. Am I wrong? Or am I doing something wrong as I withdraw them. Any tips ?.

I know one woman who had a TERRIBLE problem with pain when the needles were coming out. It was so painful that she was thinking of stopping. It turned out to be vasospasm of the vessel. Putting a warm compress on before taking out the needles helped her a lot. That might be worth a try.

thanks for the reply, will try tonight and will advise

hello again. It worked. I put a warm compress on the arm about 15 mins before end of treatment. I had to change it 4 times to stay warm but when I took out the needles she said the pain was much less. Thank you so much

I’m so glad to hear that that did the trick! No one is quite sure why a vessel will suddenly choose to spasm, but veins and arteries have muscle fibers in them so they can constrict and relax, and there you have it.