New book: Help, I Need Dialysis! by Dori Schatell, MS & Dr. John Agar


Has your doctor told you that your kidneys are failing? Does the idea of dialysis scare you? This book is for you! Learn how your treatment choice can affect what you eat & drink, how many meds you need, your energy level & sleep, sexuality & fertility, hospital stays, and survival. When you understand how & why dialysis works, you can choose a treatment that fits your lifestyle & have the best possible life with dialysis.

$14.99 + s/h (Ebook coming soon!) Order your copy here:


I recieved this book from my nephs office.Very informative. Great Book.


i am new to all of this, has anyone out there had dealings with Baylor Univ in Dallas tx or LSU in shreveport la, I’ve just been put on both transplant lists and about to begin HD hopefully at home.