New Fresenius Cycler


Just heard back from my dad’s dr. This was his answer to my question about how hypotension relates to the cycler: “We are certainly willling to try the cycler-- the only problem (this is purely logistical) is that we are awaiting the release of the new cycler from Fresenius–we should have this available in early August.”

This is the first time he has mentioned this–about the new cycler. What do you know about the new cycler? What are the features on the new cycler? My dad has been told that the bags of dialysate for the cycler are larger than 2 liters and more difficult to handle–have you heard that? Do you know the release date for the new cycler?

Also, my dad asked if you know the top quality locations for dialysis patient care in the nation (e.g., hospital clinics, private clinics, doctors)?

Thanks in advance for your help.