NEW from Stuart Mott: Teardrop Cannulation


Hi y’all,

Stuart sent this to me and asked me to post it for you. Be sure to look at the photos, which do a great job of showing the drop of saline he mentions.

Stuart says:
"When we started using wet cannulation in June, we noticed that if a drop of normal saline was applied to the Buttonhole tunnel, it made the needle slide in very easily. Patients agreed. (See photos). Try it yourself and post your comments!

I asked him where the saline comes from, and it’s withdrawn from a sterile saline bag with (obviously) a sterile needle.


I have tried to get this ‘concept’ before… When we canulate, we twist the end of the line to let the blood flow to the end to make sure it’s flowing correctly. Then, we attach the syrange to the end with 10cc of saline and and flush, and do the next needle.
Can you give me the process doing this ‘wet canulation’ step by step. I just cant seem to ‘see’ my way through the process. Thanks…


To see the entire webinar in which Stuart talked about “tear drop” cannulation, please go HERE.


Is it possible to see the Mott webinar re teardrop cannulation? I would like to see entire webinar if possible. all links seem to ve discontinued.