New Home Hemo Program

I am starting a new Home Hemo Program from scratch. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have a pt. criteria list?


Hi Susan,

Have you seen our Method to Assess Treatment Choices for Home Dialysis (MATCH-D) tool? You can download it here: We developed this tool with an international panel of home dialysis experts, and it is being used by LDOs, various ESRD Networks, and even other countries. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Please check out the Start a Program info here: for step-by-step instuctions for becoming certified, stories about how other folks got their programs going, and even consultants who will answer one question for free.

Once you get your program up and running, be sure to submit it for our Find a Center database so folks can find you!

I hope you are planning to attend the Annual Dialysis Conference in Houston this March. ( IMHO, this is the best meeting of the year to learn about various types of home dialysis and how to get a program started. The preconference workshop is a full day on home hemo. You can network with a ton of people who are now DOING what you’re trying to do, and learn a LOT in a very short time frame. The registration for the meeting and preconference workshop is about $600–which will be completely worth it given your new challenge.

Hi Dori,
Thank you for the Method to Assess Treatment Choices for Home Dialysis (MATCH-D) tool. It was what I was looking for.

We are already Certified. When I applied for this position, I used that website to develop a plan for the program. It has a wealth of information. I will look into the consultation section.

Yes, I am going to the conference in March. I already have my flights and hotel. Pretty exciting.

Fantastic, Susan! See you there. :slight_smile: