New PD nurse has questions

Hello, I am a new PD nurse. I am looking for good pt teaching resources, such as a flip chart. A PD pt on another message board told me that her nurse used a flip chart to train her.
Anyone know where i can get this chart?

Any tips for me as a new trainer?

Thank you.

Baxter and Fresenius are the two largest companies that sell PD supplies. They may have training materials for their customers. Baxter has flip charts for educating people with chronic kidney disease that have not yet started treatment, but am not aware of whether they have a similar training format for people that are learning PD. Perhaps the patient was talking about these.

Dialysis corporations often develop their own training materials for home dialysis. They then pass these along to their clinics that do either home PD or home hemo training.

Independent clinics often must find or develop materials. There are many things to take into consideration if you’re developing training materials, especially for people (like those on dialysis) that may have such learning barriers as vision problems, hearing problems, short attention span, etc. Many non-educators do not know how important the following things are:
– How large type size should be and what font is best
– How text should be laid out on a page
– How to use pictures to the best advantage in instructions
– What color paper and text to use
– What the best learning environment is
– How to assess learning gained
Read about key considerations in patient education in “Building Quality of Life: A Practical Guide to Renal Rehabilitation” at

Medical Education Insttitute (administers Life Options, Kidney School, and Home Dialysis Central) is available to help clinics and corporations develop high quality patient education materials. See

As mentioned, Baxter and FMC are the biggest suppliers of PD. Baxter has a training tool called YOU CAN DO IT. It has checklist to help you make sure you covered all the important topics with the patient before sending them home. I have found to be very helpful. If you use Baxter PD products you should contact your rep to help obtain this tool. They also, have videos to help train patients.