New to Home Dialysis and I have 10 patients who will begin this care

Hello, I am new to Home Dialysis in the role as a CEO in a small company who will provide 10 patients with Home Dialysis. I am not new to Healthcare, but this is certainly new to me… Is there a way to reach you to ask some insight? I have some specific questions…and maybe you would be willing to consult for a fee.

Please advise - Kim Rice

Dear Kim

In response to your email, it would be a pleasure to help you, where and however I can.

Just let me know what you are intending … and things like your country (it matter so I can better understand the funding envelope you work within) and the circumstances of your start-up service.

I would need some assurance that this is a bona-fide program within a structured dialysis service, as generally I provide help (and have provided it to others in the past) because I believe in home care as the optimum available dialysis.

I should make it clear that I am not prepared to support or to champion any specific dialysis system or company within this request – rather, any advice I might give must be aimed directly at the provision of optimum patient care, at home haemodialysis principles, and at home haemodialysis as a modality of care.