New to PD and drain pain

Hi I’m new to this forum but I know I will be using it alot. So I’m 16 and my kidney is only working at 8% so I’m currently on PD for the second time in my life. I was on PD from 8 months old to 4 when I got my transplant. I also went on hemodialysis for 2 months when I got peritonitis from biting my catheter when I was 2. So when I was a baby I was on the cycler but when I was at clinic during training in April when it was time to use the cycler and when it began to drain me I had terrible unbearable pain in my groin and rectum area specifically my testicles penis penis head and my bladder muscles just contracted all of a sudden. So we decided to do manual or CAPD and it’s going great in my opinion. I don’t get drain pain unless it’s almost empty or absolutely empty. So why do I have drain pain and what can I do to fix it my PD nurse says it’s normal in adoscelene boys and in 2 weeks it should be fine. But on Monday when we tried the cycler again at home I was empty so the cycler was trying to suck me dry and I just can’t stand the pain so that’s it. Hopefully I can get a kidney soon and my life will be back to normal.

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ask about tidal PD from what you are describing, that may help alleviate this pain

We were going to try tidal set at 90% so I would be left with 100 but we couldn’t get past the i-drain

@nephron We were going to try tidal set at 90% so I would be left with 100 but we couldn’t get past the i-drain

I found a video by Baxter the discusses drain pain. You might want to view it and see if it describes the pain that you’re feeling. It gives several reasons for drain pain, even as simple as making sure you’re not constipated, raising the height of the cycler, changing the cycler settings, catheter placement, etc. This video may give you questions to ask your doctor or home training nurse.

I have had a lot of pain on drain also. This week they took out the cath and put a new one in. This is my first night back on dialysis since the surgery. I am praying there won’t be the pain.

Hi Missy1,

Did you have drain pain last night? I found a post by someone else a while back that was asked and answered by a nurse about drain pain. If you’re still having pain, you can read that thread at PD Drain Pain Help Please.

Thank you for the replies. My nurse changed up my drain amount and that has helped so much. I can at least nap off and on now during treatment.